Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's impossible but true is..........a Mathematical trick

Robin, you are my idol. What you do is impossible, sorry, not is imposible because you do this.
I'm posting again readers,
But on this new post, I'm going to talk about a post that my teacher has published on her blog.
It's a Mathematical trick.
When I go to the page to create my own and check that is true.
And first, I think that not is real. But later I check that it's true, imposible but true.
I was shocked and I was researching on Internet and the result is here:
the great mathematicians discovered, long ago, several mathematical tricks with numbers.
They don't want to reveal his tricks, but there must be some trick.
Well, if you do not believe me, visit and see the result.
See you on another day that I write on this blog.

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