Tuesday, 27 March 2012

All my class in "Monster High" avatars :)

Hello readers,
Yes, I know, this year I'm very very lazy. But, today I have a Photopeach for you. Is here:
I'm going to talk about my classmates' faces and clothes.
Judith: she's got brown hair, grey eyes, dark skin and two horns in her face.
Miriam: in this avatar my best friend is very bad. She's got black and yellow hair with a grey chain, yellow eyes with grey makeup, fair skin and very red lips.
Alba Reino: she's got fair yellow hair with a white veil, yellow makeup, fair skin and yellow lips.
Jimena: she's got curly orange hair, dark skin, red lips, grey makeup and red eyes.
Thalía: she's got black and green hair, green makeup, green lips and fair skin.
Alba Blanco: "The blue girl". She's got blue hair with a pink flower, grey makeup, red lips, purple eyes and blue skin. Uhhh! I'm very scared ;D
Alba Arias: she's got white hair, like a scientist! Hee, hee, hee (: She's also got purple makeup, fair yellow eyes and brown lips.
Lucía: her Monster High avatar is very bold, but in the real life, Lucía is very shy. She has got black and yellow hair with a scared purple black flower, purple makeup, very beautiful blue eyes and pink lips.
Sheima: she's got yellow hair, fair grey makeup, purple eyes, fair skin and brown lips.
Me: I've got red hair, red eyebrows, pink eyes, grey makeup, fair skin and red lips with fangs to bite you!
These are the characteristics of my classmates.
I lost say the aspect of the boys of my class, but they are very stupid and I don't want waste my time on them.
Because they are very rude with me and my friends.
I hope that you like my post and my avatars.
And, please, visit this page: Monster High Dolls and create your own Monster. It's very interesting and funny, and, the most important, it's very easy! (:
See you in another post.

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  1. This post is amazing thank you for all that you do for us