Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Casas Novas, ALL MY LIFE

Hello my dear folks (:
I have created a wonderful collage in Picnik to talk about Casas Novas.
My second home, my second people, that place that makes me big ;D
In Casas Novas there are lots, lots of fantastic horses. 
Casas Novas was built by Amancio Ortega, because his daugther, Marta Ortega, likes riding a horse. 
Before this, Casas Novas was a farm of cows and Amancio Ortega destroyed them.
These are all the horses: Arrayan, Liberte, Kurda, Kenda, Dance-Star, Ittle-Boy, Rabilo, Noa, Emir, Saga, Xaxa, Cega, Pía, Canto, Ayna, Telma, Caramelo and Pepa.
And these all the ponies: Cola-Cao, Turbito, Comanche, Petit-Joe, Peter Pan-Z, Lluvia and Chocolate.
My favourite horses are Rabilo and Caramelo. 
And my favourites mare are: Telma, Liberte, Kurda, Kenda, Noa and Pía. But I love Noa (;
The teachers are: Emma, Roi, Adrián, Raquel, Javi and Chan.
I love riding a horse and Casas Novas because they are a part of my life. And I don't want to imagine a life without them. I love the horses, the teachers, my friends there, ALL.
Just to say thanks to everyone over there.
I hope that you really like this post.
See you :3
PD: dedicated to the entire team of Casas Novas.

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