Thursday, 24 February 2011

My avatars with all possible moods

Muggin Maker
Back again visitors,
I have created four avatars to talk about the most usual moods in the life.
The girl appears in the four photos. 
She has got long wavy orange hair, big brown eyes, a red mouth.
She is wearing: a white and red cool T-shirt with a rood and a grey amazing bonnet.
She is listening to music on her grey MP3.
The background's colou is pink or purple.

I wrote four words on the images. They are adjectives expressing feelings:
*Happy (feliz) :-)
*Angry (enfadado) :-Grr
*Sad (triste) :-(
*Shocked (impresionado) :-o

I hope that you like this post and I also hope that you visit the page.
Goodbye !!

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