Friday, 25 February 2011

My new avatar in the golf course

Hi world !!
On this new post that I'm creating I'm going to talk about my new spectacular avatar created at:
Description about the girl that appears in the golf course:
Her name is Paula, like me, and she is 10 years old.
She is very pretty, intelligent, good wih her friends and nice.
She has got fair skin and freckles.
She has got green eyes, a medium nose and a small mouth. She has got wavy long brown hair.
She is wearing a pink T-shirt, cool black trousers and amazing black shoes. She has got many accesories: a black hair headband in her hair and a black handkerchief in her short neck.
The background is of a golf course full of green and flowers.
Oh, remenber visit Having fun with English to see more funny and easy ideas.
Until another day.

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