Saturday, 12 March 2011

I am a car creator

Hello cars fans,
There are a new web application about cars or motorbikes, it name is: 
In it you can create a car following these steps:
*Choose the artist that you like best: Jim Mahfood, Tristan Eaton or Jeremyvill.
*Within each artist, there are several types of classification: econ, normal or sport.
*Create your own and published on your blog.
Well, I'll give you more information about Jim Mahfood, Eaton and Jeremyvill:

Jim Mahfood, aka Food One, is an illustrator/comic book artist/muralist/live art rocker residing in LA. He is the creator of the art style known as Visual Funk: a hybrid mix of comic art, graffiti, manga, street art and funk culture. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1997 and went on to produce many comics for every major comic book publisher. His illustrations have appeared in magazines and murals around the country. Jim single-handedly introduced live art to the American comic book scene often doing live mural art during hip-hop and DJ events.
Born in Los Angeles in 1978, Tristan began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscape wherever he lived, including London, Detroit and New York. Eaton designed his first toy for Fisher Price at 18 years old, has work showcased in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and has since become a driving force in the world of "designer toys." Tristan is the founder, Creative Director and President of THUNDERDOG STUDIOS — a New York-based creative agency and toy brand founded in 2003.
Jeremyville is an artist, product designer, animator and human. He wrote and produced the first book in the world on designer toys called Vinyl Will Kill. Along with his many appearances in magazines and his art being published in design magazines worldwide, his latest book is called Jeremyville Sessions. Jeremyville splits his time between studios in Sydney, Australia, and New York City. He collects strange T-shirts, sneakers, toys and denim, and has a Converse x Jeremyville shoe released in late 2008.

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