Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My own Italian chef Rabbid

Hello Italian food victims,
Today, I have created my own Italian chef rabbid, created at: You as a Rabbid.
I'm going to describe the Rabbid called Donato de Santis:
This special animal is a rabbit who dreams of becoming a great Italian chef.
It has got all its body white and pink, and it has got a black moustache. It is wearing a black and white tuxedo, a white chef's hat a white necktie and white shoes.
It lives in Italy, of course, the country of the best chefs, it lives in Roma, the famous city.
It lives for about 40 years. Lots of years !!
It eats fast food, for example: pizza, hot dogs with lot of ketchup and burgers.
It can cook 50 pizzas per minute and it can eat 100 pizzas, burgers and hot dogs in 2 minutes.
Do you like my post ?? Do you like Donato de Santis ??
Post and publish a comment with your opinion.
Goodbye !!

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