Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The war continues......now with Mr.C

Now in my blog, but the war continues. Mr.A start the war and Mr.J and Mr.C continue the battle. Well, I'm going to describe Mr.C:

He is the he is the ugliest man in world. He has got horrible eyes: the first one is very big and the second one is little, very very little, his nose is very very fat and his mouth, argggg !! Puag !! Simply horrible. He has got pink, purple and blue hair. 
More information:

Name: Truffle Catrufo.
Age: 10 years old but has a mental age of 1 day.
In his brain, only, there are: dust, shit and he doesn't have any neuron.
Lives in: the rubbish dump.
Eat: waste.
Hobby: and harm to others.

Mr.C, when I started school I was very happy with you but when you started to be friend with Mr.A......
I don't like your attitude, I think that you are a very good person but the bad companies are very bad.
Think about what you have done with me and think about it. I hope to be friends and I want you to know that this war between you and me was because you started the battle. 
And if I did something wrong, I say sorry, OK ?? Goodbye Mr.C !!

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  1. Hi Paula!
    I think your post is very cool, funny and pink.
    Very good!
    See you!