Monday, 16 April 2012

The country of origin doesn't matter, what matters is the person

Hello readers ;D
Today, I'm going to talk about fashion because I really like clothes in general. I'm a fashion crazy! 
Hee, hee :)
Well, this is all the information:
1.-First person.
His name is Edgar and he is from Mexico, in Central America, its capital is Mexico City. He speaks Spanish but with another accent.
He is 23 years old, he was born in September. 
He lives in a big, big house. He has a lot of money! 
He lives in Cancún, with his girlfriend, Dalia. They are very very happy! 
In his house, there are lots of pets: two fantastic dogs, one cat and four horses.
He works in a clothes' factory, he is the fashion designer. He really likes  fashion. And so, he always wears the latest fashion.
Edgar loves sport. Everyday, he runs two hours in the park. He also likes football, his favourite team is "Chivas of Guadalajara".
His favourite food are the pickles!
He also loves music, his favourite singer is Shakira.
Edgar is funny, friend of his friends, though he is a little proud but a good person.
In the image he is wearing a grey beautiful wonderful and cool American jacket, a black geat shirt, a grey and white striped tie, grey jeans and black shoes. He also has got cute black glasses.
(If you really like until now, click in the link and read more).

2.-Second person.
Her name is Emily and she is from Australia, its capital is Canberra. She speaks English.
She is 18 years old, she wa born in  April.
He lives in a flat, near the beach with her parents and her little brother.
She doesn't like animals, and therefore she doesn't have pets.
She's an English teacher, she really likes her work, but, sometimes, she gets angry with her pupils (like all the teachers! Hee, hee, hee ;D )
Emily really likes sport, but she loves surfing. In Australia there are amazing beachs!!
She works for a professional surf team, but she also studies biology in a great university.
In the collage, Emily wears an amazing blouse of spaghetti straps. She also has got really beautiful dark brown shorts. She has got lots of accesories: a lovely brown scarf, wonderful earrings and a great bag.
3.-Third person.
His name is is Hans, he lives in Germany, its capital is Berlin.
He is 32 years old and he lives in Frankfurt, in a flat with his wife and their children.
His family hates animals, big animals, small animals, ALL! (;
He works in a office, it is very very boring but he likes it.
Hans hates sport, but he loves the music. He is a music crazy! He loves all the singers, and all the bands, but his favourites are: LMFAO, Adele, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas......
Hans is very very friendly, he really likes having a picnik with his family.
On the image he has got a blue sweatshirt, white T-shirt, and beige jeans.
4.-Fourth person.
Her name is Ling-Yong and she lives in China. She lives in a very little flat with all her family, but she is happy! :)
Well, I hope that you like this post, and remember: The country of origin doesn't matter, what matters is the person. This is very important!(;

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