Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Certificate of Legacy of your dog

Hello my dear classmates and friends!
This is Celma, my new strange and amazing pet. If you want to have a lot of fun, visit Mutt Maker.
It was discovered in Brasil, South America but, now Celma lives in my grandparents' house. It's very happy!
It has got brown big ears, a brown face, brown skin, white eyes, black snout, black and white body, black thin legs and a black and white tail.
Its race is Spanhucky.
Celma is very good and obedient whit me. It can play football, tennis and basketball, it also can riding a horse....it's a genius!
My dog, Celma, is very special because it has got super powers! It can fly, it has got laser eyes and with its tail, it can destroy anything.
Well, I hope that you really like my post and my pet. I also hope that you visit Mutt Maker!

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