Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The day I met Jessica Kürten

Hello folks(:
In this post, I want to talk about my perfect day with Jessica Kürten. She was born in Ireland but now she lives in Germany and she's very famous in all the world!
She is my favourite rider horse, is...my idol, is the best.
Well, I'm going to start with the story:
Last summer I was in Casas Novas in the important contest: "CSI 5* Casas Novas". In this contest there are very important horse riders like Sergio Álvarez Moya, Kevin Staut, Rolf Göran Bengstsson, Jessica Kürten, Marta Ortega, Gonzalo Añón, Manuel Añón, Pilar Cordón, Eric Lamaze, Meredith Michels-Beerbaum, Marco Kutcher, Roger Yves Bost...and so on.
In the café of the horse school I met Jessica Kürten. She was having a cofee with Donuts. 
Then she said: "Do you want to see my horses?" 
Of course, I accepted the invitation.
I saw lots of her important horses: Castle Forbes Libertina, Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Make, Vincente, Voss, Arezzo VDL, Kleons Cayenne, Zingara...and many more. It was incredible!
I hope that in the future I meet Jessica again.
Well, I hope that you have liked it.
PD: If you want see information about this incredible horse rider go to: Wikipedia/Jessica Kürten.
Until in another post guys(;

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