Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sometimes saying goodbye hurts


I'm very sad because this is my last post. It's the end of the blog, readers! First of all, thank you for reading me in all these years.
I have created a Photopeach to say goodbye.
It's very difficult to say goodbye for me. It's very hard to leave all the teachers, all the fantastic lessons, everything in this school!
I will miss Ponte dos Brozos School a lot.
It's very difficult to explain, I have no words. At this school I learned writing, reading, to be a good person, and, the most important, this school teached me to live. 
And so, I want to say a thing: thanks to everyone for this amazing school, because thanks to them I am who I am. 
Special thanks to Aurora, because thanks to her I discovered the great world of technology. You're fantastic,'re the best!
It's very sad to leave all that I have lived here.
I'm looking back over these years, I have changed a lot from the past, and I'm proud of it.
Leave the past in a picture album, we're moving on with the rush of the future, sometimes saying goodbye hurts. But goodbye Primary School, I'll miss you. Too bad things like this don't last forever, all that we've been through all the good times, I'll remember these for the rest of my life.
Every moment holds a memory, some of those that you'll always treasure.
I'm going to miss you school, the school of my soul.
At this link there are a text at: GoogleDocs in Spanish for saying goodbye: "Mis años en Ponte dos Brozos"


  1. My eyes filled with tears, Paula.
    Thanks a lot for your work. I hope you have learnt a little bit of English too. ;-)
    Good luck and please keep in touch and don't forget me. I promise I will not!
    A kiss and a hug.
    PS: I'm remembering now when you were only 7 years old and you wanted to learn everything and now look at you! A super star!

  2. Paula, this photopeach is very beautiful!

  3. Thanks for everything, teacher. My eyes filled with tears, too.
    I'm very sad. THANKS! PS: you're a super star! :) Kisses-