Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Take a stand together

Hello anti-bullyng people,
Take a stand together is a site where you can build your own avatar and choose an anti-bullying statement to be shared on the site.
I'm going to describe my own avatar in the website:
She has got straigth long fair hair, fair skin, blue eyes, pink lips and cool and modern green glases.
She is wearing a great purple or pink jacket and a black and white T-shirt. She has got pink hair ties.
(The bckground is purple and blue)
Now, I will give you my opinion about the bullyng:
I think that it's horrible and bad, very bad.
I think that the bullies are cowardly people, they want to do evil in the good people. :-(
I hope that you create your own. 
Well and this is all for the moment.
Bye, bye !!

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