Friday, 24 June 2011

Nigth of "San Juán"

Hello my dear readers,
Yesterday was the famous party in Galicia, "San Juán". The evening of June 23, St John's Eve, is the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of St John the Baptist. The Feast of St John coincides with the June solstice also referred to as Midsummer. The Christian holyday is fixed at June 24, but, in some countries, festivities are celebrated the night before. At this party the people make bonfires, say that this is to scare off witches. If you want the witches don't persecute you throughout the year, you have to jump 7 times.
During the San Juan, I was in Riazor, there weren´t many bonfires but I was jumped the smallest.
I like very much this party, my brother, at the beginning he was scared, but then liked it and he was jumps a lot.
I hope that you like the photos, do you like the party ??
Answer in a comment, please.
'Til in another post.

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