Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Welcome summer, goodbye classmates

It's summer !!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like because I love the pool, the beach, the campsites.... But I will miss my teachers, my class, MY LAPTOP........ I have fear of the new course, is sixth, the last and...... Well, I guess the beach and my friends fix my fear !!!!!!!!!
I hope that you and your friends and family pass a happy summer.
*Class 6C: Deyber, Verónica, Cornelia, Fariña, Fabián, Xián, Alex Villar, Ana, César, Aitor, Adrián I., Aroa, Sergio, David Iglesias, Alex Mariño, Alba, Rafa, Miguel, Inés, Andrea, Adrián Z. and Leticia I will miss you, the breaks with you were the bestin the world, I hope that we keep in touch !!!!!!!
'Til in September, friends.

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